Pain Management Doctor in Manhattan



Dr. Kushnerik’s career in the field of Interventional Pain Management spans over two decades, and his impact on pain treatment methodologies has been undeniable. Through his groundbreaking initiatives and unwavering commitment to patient care, he has earned a well-deserved reputation as a celebrated authority in his field.

One of Dr. Kushnerik’s most notable contributions was the establishment of the Pain Management Center at New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital in 2001. Previously known as NYU Downtown Hospital and later as New York Downtown Hospital, this center quickly became a prominent hub for comprehensive pain management services in New York City. In his various roles as Division Chief of Pain Management in the departments of Anesthesiology, Medicine, and Surgery, as well as a key member of the Medical Board, Dr. Kushnerik played a pivotal role in shaping the center’s trajectory.

However, Dr. Kushnerik’s commitment to enhancing patient care led him to launch his own state-of-the-art Pain Management Center near Wall Street in Downtown Manhattan in 2015. This facility has been providing the latest, highest quality medical treatment to a diverse range of patients, including injured workers, professional athletes, as well as many professionals who live or work near the Wall Street area.

Dr. Kushnerik’s educational background is as impressive as his professional achievements. He obtained his Medical Doctor Degree in Medicine and Surgery with a Distinction in Research from Stony Brook School of Medicine. He further honed his skills through a residency and an Interventional Pain Management Fellowship at esteemed institutions such as Columbia Medical School, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, and Cornell New York Presbyterian Hospital. Throughout his career, Dr. Kushnerik has maintained a thirst for knowledge, constantly engaging in research and contributing to prestigious scientific journals with his publications.

Dr. Kushnerik’s expertise lies in adopting minimally invasive techniques for treating various painful conditions, particularly inflamed or damaged nerves, arthritic joints, spinal stenosis and herniated discs. Notably, he was among the first physicians in New York City to perform Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression (MILD) surgeries, as well as one of the inaugural physicians nationwide to undertake minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgical procedures. His dedication to innovation is evident in the groundbreaking surgical technique he developed for implanting intrathecal infusion pumps to treat chronic intractable pain or spasticity disorders, which has significantly improved surgical efficiency and patient recovery. Furthermore, his expertise in Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) implants extends beyond conventional pain conditions, as he has utilized these novel technologies to address rare pain conditions such as vulvodynia and persistent intractable pelvic pain. As well as his expertise in Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) Spinal Cord Stimulator implants to treat patients who suffer with RSD, CRPS or damaged spinal nerves.

Dr. Kushnerik’s contributions have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the numerous accolades he has received throughout his career. He has been recognized as one of “America’s Top Anesthesiologists” in the field of Pain Management. Perhaps one of the most touching honors bestowed upon him was his designation as an Honorary New York City Police Surgeon by Commissioner Raymond Kelly, acknowledging not only his medical achievements but also his service during the 9/11 tragedy. Dr. Kushnerik has also shared his expertise as a member of the Congressional Committee Physician Advisory Board, further solidifying his status as a respected authority in his field.

What truly sets Dr. Kushnerik apart, however, is not only his exceptional clinical acumen but also his compassionate nature. Known for his unwavering commitment to providing innovative and excellent medical care, Dr. Kushnerik consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being and comfort of his patients. His remarkable career trajectory and dedication to improving the lives of those suffering from chronic pain make him a true role model in the field of Interventional Pain Management.

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